Doug Bignell

           I first moved into Hendricks County in 2005.  My wife and I, with our two kids, lived on the western edge of Plainfield. When my wife and I became empty nesters, we decided to downsize a little and found the cozy little town of Clayton.  We moved here in 2016 and immediately felt at home.  I love living here in the Town of Clayton.  I also work in Hendricks County.  I am a paramedic in the emergency room at Indiana University Health West hospital.  I feel fortunate to work close to home.  I also have fun here in Hendricks County.  I am a regular in plays at Hendricks Civic Theater. I work hard to keep a healthy balance of work and fun on a weekly basis.
            I enjoy the chance to work for the people of the Town of Clayton by serving on the town council.  I believe a town council should be accountable to everyone that lives here and we should work together to keep our town fiscally solvent.  We should find ways to be economically growing at the same time we are hanging onto our cozy small town feel.  I want our town to have nice amenities that every town resident can enjoy for many years into the future.  I represent each and every town resident and am always willing to talk with anyone about the needs of the Town of Clayton.  I love my town. My email is and my phone number is 317-965-3846.