Clayton Planning Commission & Minutes

Planning Commission Minutes for 01/06/2020

January meeting was held on the 6th at 7 P.M. at the Town of Clayton town hall. The meetingwas called to order by George Burnett. Cindy, Doug, LeaAnn, Nick, Rob, and Steve were inattendance. December minutes were read and approved for publication.GRW was here to give an update on the approved action of developing our UnifiedDevelopment Ordinance (UDO). Debbie Luzier shared that GRW is proceeding with step one.Dan has provided her with electronic copies of ordinances in PDF form. She is now in theprocess of converting the files to word documents so they can be modified or edited. Changeswill be highlighted with a red underline or a strike through so we will be able to quickly identifythose modifications. She will also update language to comply with new state statutes withregard to land use pages. She will create a new introduction page identifying this as the newUDO, as required by state law. She is also going to produce an application document to beincluded in the UDO so developers can use this form to apply for permits. Then she willdistribute the new UDO to the planning board for review. This will take about 2 months.George collected an updated list of current member emails so the update can be emailed outwhen it is complete.2020 agenda was discussed. UDO is a big part of the years agenda. Annexation is another bigpart of what we want to work on this year. The question was asked about getting water to thetown.Dan talked about sending out a letter to property owners that will be affected by the proposedannexation inviting them to an informal meeting about what the town wants. The meeting wasscheduled for the 21st of January at 7 P.M.Election of officers: George was elected to President, Rob was elected Vice President, andDoug was elected Secretary.Dan wanted to propose that we request from the Town Council to get fees from building permitsto go into a fund for the Planning and Zoning Board.Dan was going to give the new members, Nick and Rob, a copy of the comprehensive plan toreview and prepare for the board to update the plan.Meeting adjourned at 7:35

Planning Commission Minutes for 12/02/2019

Planning and Zoning Board meeting December 2, 2019Meeting was called to order by George Burnett. In attendance was George, LeaAnn, Doug,Cindy, Dan, Rob, and guest speakers from GRW, (Joe Tierney and Debbie Luzier)GRW presented us with finalized memo labeled 4785 Planning Document ReviewJoe summarized about the November meeting in which a proposal was made to create aUnified Development Ordinance (UDO) and the associated cost. This meeting he has statedthat they spent the last month finalizing the proposal and also dividing it up into smaller stepsthat might make the cost more manageable. They titled these steps; Phase 1A, Phase 1B, andPhase 1C.Deb then began to breakdown the phases and what processes would be involved in each step.Phase 1A would create the UDO. This would be using the existing Zoning Ordinance andSubdivision Control Ordinance and merge them into a UDO. There would be a need to addlanguage enabling a UDO. There would then be an update to meet changes to state statuteand case law. Then GRW would generate PC/BZA application packets and rules andprocedures that complement the UDO. Then we would have a functioning UDO.Phase 1B or step 2 would occur once the town was ready. This phase would be to format theexisting language into a 10-chapter formatted UDO. Chapter 1 is always introduction, chapter 2is always zoning districts, chapter 3 is always development standards on a lot by lot basis,chapter 4 is specialty areas such as solar farms or wind farms, the next chapter starts to talkabout the development of subdivisions, etc… This phase would involve steering committeesand chapter review meetings.Phase 1C or step 3 would be putting the polish on the document with graphics and illustrationsto visually support the regulations. Add regulations that would assist in implementing andadministering the UDO, incorporate best practices and draft language to support the existingand future comprehensive plan. Lastly provide training for administering the final UDO.The attendees then discussed ways to implement and insert language in our plan to keep theUDO updated and current on a more consistent basis.What types of grants are available? Dan is reaching out to our grant administrator to try andfind grants to help us pay for the comprehensive plan. GRW mentioned that grants areavailable for comprehensive plans, however they specifically mentioned that OCRA does notaward grants for ordinance updates.The Planning and Zoning Board discussed presenting this information to the Town of Claytonboard to request money for Phase 1A to be funded this year. George verified that all boardmembers were in agreement to proceed with presenting Phase 1A to the Town Council. Allmembers agreed with a verbal aye.GRW mentioned that Hendricks County Economic Development commission might have moneyto help with ordinance updates. We discussed the options of TIFF districts and enticingdevelopers to come to Clayton to build.George mentioned that the January meeting we would need to vote on board members andofficers. He was asking all members to think about what role in which they wanted to serve.He then adjourned the meeting.

Planning Commission Minutes for 11/04/2019

Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals meeting for November 4th, 2019
Roll call Did not establish a quorum. Present George Burnett, LeaAnn Davis, and Doug Bignell Meeting will continue as unofficial. Also present was Dan Slattery, town manager.
GRW has two consultants here to present findings from their review of our comprehensive plan. Joe Tierney and Debbie Luzier looked at our comprehensive plan as well as our zoning ordinances. When reviewing our zoning ordinances they recommended several updates and changes.
GRW recommends updates to comprehensive plan every 5 years. Zoning and subdivision ordinances need to support the plan and keep up with the goals and objectives of the plan. Recommendations and Action Items are on page 9 of the draft memorandum.
The state allows a municipality to merge the Zoning and Subdivision Control Ordinances into one document. This is called the Unified Development Ordinance.
Dan talked about funding for codifying ordinances by creating a building and planning fund. He suggested putting fees from permits into this fund.
Dan asked, “What will it cost to create the Unified Development Ordinance?”
Debbie Luzier gave estimates of $45,000 – $50,000 for updating the comprehensive plan and the same cost for the ordinance work. She suggested that the number of public meetings would drive the cost up.
Next step moving forward: GRW will finalize their draft memorandum. The town needs to work on funding sources to pay for the plan update and organizing the ordinances. OKRA grants or other funding are options. We can progress all at once or in stages. Dan offered to talk with his grant administrator about all our options.
GRW plans on finalizing their memo and meeting with us again in December
George mentioned trying to get ahold of a developer that might be interested in working in Clayton. So far he has not had any luck getting a return phone call. Dan mentioned that Mr. Penner might be interested in beginning a development project. George and Dan will keep us informed.
Meeting adjourned 8:06 P.M.