We need a Town Seal which will be used for all official communications and also be displayed on the wall at the Town Hall Meeting Room.


  • Entries must be submitted no later than 2/28/2021.
  • Be Creative
  • Must contain the town name – Clayton, Indiana or Clayton, IN
  • Must contain the year the town was founded – 1909
  • Should reflect the history & culture of Clayton
  • Must be scalable so it can be replicated for large items like a flag or smaller items like town stationary


  • Must be full color.
  • The artistic medium can be of any form you would like, digital creation, a water color, oil, acrylic painting, a sculpture, or a drawing.
    • In the case of a digital creation, the entry must be uploaded in full resolution.
  • Entries must be submitted by a digital upload, if submitting a painting, drawing or sculpture, you will need to take a picture of your creation and upload the image to be entered.
    • In submitting a painting, drawing or sculpture, please take the best picture possible.
    • Arrangements will be made after you have submitted your digital entry to receive the physical version at the Town Hall.

Contest Winner…

  • Winner retained perpetual bragging rights as the creator.
  • Town Council will award to $200.00 to the winner.

All submissions become the property of the Town of Clayton and will not be returned. The Town of Clayton will have complete ownership of the submission and has the right to alter the submission as needed.

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